Markus Flury

Professor of Soil Physics/Vadose Zone Hydrology, Washington State University


Dr. Flury is Professor of Soil Physics and Vadose Zone Hydrology at Washington State University. He obtained his MS in Geosciences from the University of Zurich, Switzerland, and his PhD in Environmental Sciences from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH).

Dr. Flury’s research focusses on (1) Characterization of water flow and solute transport in the vadose zone, (2) colloid and colloid-facilitated contaminant transport through the vadose zone, (3) contaminant flow and transport, and (4) sustainable use of soil resources. He teaches courses in soil science, environmental soil physics, and vadose zone processes.

Dr. Fury spent a 6-month sabbatical in Nanjing, China, where he did research on fate and transport of nitrate and soil colloids. Dr. Flury has worked for many years on soil contamination issues related to nuclear waste.




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