2016 Global Chinatown Conference Seattle Summit & Global Fortune Innovation Development Promotion Fair

      February 22-24, 2016 - Bell Harbor International Conference Center in Seattle, Washington     Register Now

Honorable Guest Speakers

       Huiyong Liu 
       Vice President of the China Investment Association
       Chairman of Investment Advisory Committee of China Investment Association
       "The Milestone Journey of Global Chinatown"
        Junsheng Wang
        Deputy Director of the Central Economic Committee at China Democratic League
        1. "China's Financial Reform and Financial Cooperation"
       2. "Envision a New Model of Energies Collaboration in China"
       Allison Clark
          Managing Director at Office of Economic Development and Competitiveness
          Washington State Department of Commerce
       "Investing in Washington State"
        Joseph Borich
        President of Borich Consulting PLLC
       1. "Washington State is one of the most important states in China-US
       2. "Cultural shock when US companies expand abroad in China"
        Farzam Kamalabadi
        President and Chairman of the Board, Future Trends International Corporation
        1. "The Future Trend of China's New Silk Road and Globalization"
       2. "Enhance Global Financial Growth for Future Eco-Society"
        Jesse Berst 
         Founder and Chairman of Smart Cities
        "The Global Trends of the Smart Cities Innovation"
         Prakash Sundaresan  
         Technology Industry leader, innovator, advisor, advisor and investor
        "Open Data and Big Data"
         Ming Zhang 
         President and CEO at MZA
        "Envision the Beauties of Future Living Cities"
        Dennis Bracy
        Chief Executive Officer, US-China Clean Energy Forum Chairman and CEO
           Avatar Studios Executive Committee, US-China Clean Energy Research Center
        "Where do we go after Paris?"
        Jud Virden
        Associate Laboratory Director, Energy & Environment Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
        "PNNL Energy & Environment Programs"
         Helga Zepp-LaRouche 
         Founder and President of the Schiller Institute
      "New Silk Road: A New Paradigm for Mankind
         Bill Jones
            Washington Bureau Chief of the Executive Intelligence Review
        "The New Name for Peace is Development"
         Hal Cooper
         Consulting Engineer
       "The Conceptual Framework for the Silk Road Extension into the U.S."
       Thalia Kong
       Director of International Biz Development,Global Green Development Capital
      1. "Building New Sustainable Financial Model for Future Life"
      2. "The Digital Innovation to Supply for Initiates of Funds Searching"
        Louise Tieman 
         President & CEO, World Trade Center Tacoma
        "Direct Benefits of the TPP on Washington Exports, and Discovering
          the Facts vs. the Concerns"
        Jennifer Gregerson 
         Mayor of Mukilteo, WA
        "A New Vision for My Community"
         David Lee 
         Council Member, Former Deputy-Mayor of Medina, WA
        "Building Local and Global Communities"
        Conrad Lee
        Council Member, City of Bellevue, Past Mayor of Bellevue,Washington
        Former Board Chair at NACC
        "How to adapt and succeed in America - turning challenges
          into opportunities."
        Principal, Chanden Inc.
        "Cross-Border Prospective in Communicating with Entrepreneurs"
         Ben Zhang
         President & CEO at Greater China Industries, Inc. 
        "Practical Structures in Cross-Border Business in Manufacturing"
         David Finegold
         Song Li
         President of BELA International Education, Beijing
        "Opportunities for China High School International Programs"

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